I am Starting to Work Under Linux

You can see them at this link from douban,most  of which are on C/C++/Algorithm(but the course is becomming even more tight this semester,I really doubt how many of these books I will finish.:().

Although I use to work on Windows,I am now starting to learn to complete something on Linux,because:

1)If you are to experience some interesting things,you won’t miss Linux.

Since I am a newhand at Linux,I don’t have many thoughts about it;but I began to write C code under Linux and it’s just another world!Compare  with VS in Windows,you can complete the same task with gcc/g++ but with much less computer memory.And with Vim,you’ll never find it’s boring to code.

I also want to learn something about Lisp,it’s pretty easy for me,a greenhand,to install a Lisp interpreter with “sudo apt-get install clisp”(I run Ubuntu10.04 on Vmware).I googled a lot and have found many interesting things about Linux.

Now I am learning Shell and Vim,hope one day I can good at them.I will post two articles below about tricks on them and hope you can be attracted when you finished.

Top Ten One-Liners from CommandLineFu Explaine

Vim for C Programmers

2)I think I can learn more about computer with Linux.

Windows is easy for everyone,but the people who want to make some change to improve it.That is,it’s not like Linux,who is Open-Source so as many hackers maintain it and you can get any information about what happened to your computer if you really want to know.

Know more about Linux(not that more):

The Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial

And know more about computer(maybe very much):

Computer System A Programmer’s Perspective

3)But Linux is just a platform,like many other things.

You can do everything on Linux but that won‘t help this sentence to become untrue:Linux is just a platform.To use it more  sufficient you also should learn how to develop useful tools yourself.

But if you think this is the finall goal I use Linux,you are probably wrong.My finally aim is to code to make the world easy to live.Linux is a start,as I have stated above.You may wonder how this can be reasonable:even the most excellent programmers can just improve the efficiency of a specific algorithm,how can I change the world through coding?I don’t konw either,but look at Google,who’s mission is “to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful”,I think I can do something good to that goal,even it is not for Google.





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